"Really great, absolutely spot-on"

Kenney Jones (Small Faces)


"No point doing any of the old songs, they do them too good!"

Jimmy Winston (Small Faces)


"My Dad would have been thrilled to bits about it, he really liked working with younger people, and specially musicians, who he thought appreciated his humour - and it kept him young all his life. It has been really great for me to keep his memory alive. All the best, and 'Deep Joy' from me and all the Unwin family!"

John Unwin (son of Ogdens narrator Stanley Unwin)


"Great show Matt, well worth the trip took me back a few years hope it goes on to bigger and better things for you and the band"

David Bridges (Assistant engineer to Glyn Johns on the Ogdens recording sessions)


"Sounds top to me, man"

Toby Marriott (Steve's son)


"Well, I know some people were nervous about the debut performance of the newest tribute to the Small Faces (BIG shoes to fill) but people weren't disappointed! At last they were on stage... what we'd all been waiting for. WOW! You can't fail to woo me when you start with my all time favourite.. that rocking number 'Whatcha Gonna Do About It'.

It was like being transported back in time, like being there the first time. I had to control my instinct to scream! people had been raving Matt Bond's voice and wow they were right. It was one roller coaster after another (do you really want me to list 'em all?) Thank you Small Fakers for a brilliant night. You did good. Can't wait to hear you again."

Val Weedon (Small Faces Fan Club)


"We went over to the Prom in Bristol - not knowing who was on, and we were completely blown away. One of the best live acts I've ever seen, bloody brilliant"

Dee & Stan via email


"I first met Matt when we walked into the Cavern last night. We only chatted for a couple of minutes…..but for some unknown reason I was immediately transported back over 30 years to the times when I met Steve himself. Michelle called it an aura. I dunno. …but there’s something about just meeting Matt that reminded me so much of meeting Steve Marriott."

"It’s not that Matt looks identical to Steve – although they are kinda similar – it’s the little looks and expressions when he’s not trying. The way he holds himself. Onstage, when he’s trying to ape him he just has him down to a tee. People around the room were gobsmacked. I saw jaws literally drop.Anyone who hasn’t seen the Small Fakers… do yourself a favour as soon as possible."

Iain McGonigal via email


"The Cavern Club last night is the best night out I've had in a long time. I could watch the Small Fakers play every night of the week and never tire of watching you play.

Matt.. unbelievably so much like Marriott, I still cant put my finger on it, I've seen loads of people copy Steve Marriott.... (some get the stage moves of to a tee) but Matt just HAS Steves mannerisms theres no trying with him its just there, even the smile.

Thank you so much all of the Small Fakers making some peoples dreams come true, I never got to see the Small Faces, and would never have witnessed anything like it in my life time (or the next) but thanks to you guys I have. Dont stop what your doin ;-)"

Mitch via email


"Truly a reborn Marriott"



>"I started going to see the Small Faces play from the age of about 12 so I know what they sounded like live. The Fakers are the closest thing. I closed my eyes for a moment while the Fakers were playing and I was taken back to those beautiful, long gone days."

Penny via email


"Another memorable performance from Small Fakers. This was the fourth time that we have seen you in a short time and things continue to get better.

We were delighted for you all with the endorsements you received on the night and trust that these will contribute to your continued success and popularity with Small Faces fans everywhere.

For our part we thought that you were the highlight of the day along with a brief cameo from CF. People we spoke to on the way out felt that you were the headline band. We look forward to seeing you in Swindon."

Colin and Sharon Lay via email


"I thought the Small Faces had come back from the other side when I heard you!"

Karin Grönberg via email


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this Small Faces tribute band. I saw them at The Isle of Wight Lambretta day! I came away well impressed, it was a great night of music, especially for a 50's something original!

Anyway imagine my delight, a week later when I was having a drink in the "Hipshaker" bar at the Isle of Wight festival, (waiting to see the Stones), when the "SF" began setting their gear up..... as soon as they started the floor filled up and it was the perfect thing to get in the mood for the Rolling Stones.

I am not usually a fan of tribute acts, but these guys certainly did the job. The lead vocal and front man was just so 'right', but the whole band managed to get the right feel, complete with Hammond organ, well done!"

Lor via email


"I just wanted to put on record how much my wife and I enjoyed last night's gig - absolutely brilliant. As I said to you, I'm not generally a fan of tribute bands but with Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane both sadly departed, there's no possibility of seeing the original line-up ever again so I went last night expecting to come away disappointed.

How wrong I was. Great performance, great music and a fitting homage to the band that set the Mod style in the sixties. Even the clothes you wore were spot on.

I'll be getting my parka and scooter out on Saturday. Terrific stuff, keep up the good work."

Neil via email


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"As soon as you opened your mouth, the hanky was out"

Kay Marriott (Steve's mum)


"For those of you that never saw the Small Faces live, this is as close as you're gonna get"

Stan Lane (Ronnie Lane's brother)


"I had the privelege of being at the Small Fakers debut gig last night in central London and witnessed the launch of possibly the first ever Small Faces tribute band. Just the one word describes them... AWESOME!"

As far as tribute bands go they're better than anything I've seen before and I've seen a lot of 'em. The sound is authentic and the visuals excellent with definitely the best 'Steve Marriott' I've ever seen. Not only does he look like Steve circa 1967, he's got the mannerisms off to a tee.

If we ever get film rights to 'All Too Beautiful' we would need look no further than this guy (Matt Bond). With bands like Who's Who and The Jamm doing so well on the circuit there was a conspicuous space out there for a Small Faces tribute which has now been filled. Check 'em out, you won't be disappointed!"

John Hellier (Author of Steve Marriott biography 'All Too Beautiful' and organiser of the Small Faces convention)


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your performance last night. I had heard you were good so I was really looking forward to seeing you but you were better than good I thought you were fan bleeding tastic and I cant wait to see you in Leicester again. Thanks for a wonderful night."

Graham via email


Sunday Express article featuring Small Fakers by the editor Martin Townsend

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